Terms of Employment:

12 months/ 234 days per year.  Compensation is at Auxiliary Pay Plan AUX 2 on the EISD Compensation Plan. Entry level rate of pay is $12.71/hour with additional consideration based upon directly related experience.


Primary Purpose:
Maintain safe and attractive grounds and landscaping for the district. 


NOTE: Applicant must have satisfactory outcome of fingerprinting background check. Non-refundable fee (approximately $50.00) paid by applicant.





Special Knowledge/Skills:

Major Responsibilities and Duties:
Grounds and Landscaping

  1. Mow and detail all district grounds, including athletic fields.
  2. Care for trees, shrubs, and flowers by watering, pruning, fertilizing, mulching, caring for beds, and controlling weeds.
  3. Plant shrubs and vegetation.
  4. Assist with the preparation of athletic fields for games, including chalking fields.
  5. Water grounds and apply fertilizer.
  6. Collect and dispose of leaves, dirt, rubbish, and refuse from district facilities.
  7. Assist with the inspection, repair, and installation of sprinkler systems.
  8. Operate tools and equipment according to prescribed safety procedures.
  9. Follow established safety procedures and techniques to perform job duties, including lifting, climbing, etc.
  10. Correct unsafe conditions in work area and report any conditions that are not correctable to supervisor immediately.
  11. Help keep vehicle, equipment, and tools in safe operating condition.
  12. Inspect and adjust tools and equipment for safety and efficiency and perform preventive maintenance as needed.
  13. Transport workers and equipment to work sites throughout the district.
  14. Other duties as assigned – in the best interest of the district.


Supervisory Responsibilities:


Tools/Equipment Used: Tractor and mower, riding and power mower, gas-powered weed trimmer, blower, edger, sprayer, striping machine, garden and hand tools, posthole auger, and aerator.   Posture: Frequent standing, kneeling/squatting, bending/stooping, pushing/pulling, and twisting


Working Conditions:

Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:

Maintain emotional control under stress. Frequent walking, climbing stairs/ladders/scaffolding, grasping/squeezing, wrist flexion/extension, and overhead reaching; frequent driving. Heavy lifting and carrying (45 pounds and over) on a daily basis.
Work outside and inside, on slippery or uneven walking surfaces; frequent exposure to extreme hot and cold temperatures, dust, toxic chemicals and materials, noise, vibration, and electrical hazards; work around machinery with moving parts; may work alone; regularly work irregular hours; occasional prolonged hours; frequent districtwide travel. Frequent standing, kneeling/squatting, bending/stooping, pushing/pulling, and twisting