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TitleTransportation Operations Manager
Posting ID911

Job Title: Transportation Operations Manager                                  

Wage/Hour Status: Non-Exempt

Reports to:   Director of Transportation                                                       

Pay Grade: Aux-6

Dept./School: Transportation

Date Revised: 2/2020



Terms of Employment:
12 months/226 days per year. Salary is on the Auxiliary Pay Plan on the EISD Compensation Plan. Annual salary range is $38,474 – $45,254 based upon directly related experience.


Primary Purpose:

This position is responsible for assisting the transportation director to facilitate the safe, efficient and timely transportation of school children during all routes to include extra-curricular athletic trips and campus field trips. The Transportation Operations Manager will supervise all bus drivers, bus aides and mechanics in performance of their duties. To effectively communicate with all staff members to help resolve issues, problems or situations related to Transportation Department policies and procedures. The Transportation Operations Manager will be the primary transportation trainer and serve as the department safety representative. Additionally, this position will assist with routing, fleet scheduling, bus driving, athletic/fieldtrip requests and hands on mechanical work as needed. Moreover, the Transportation Operations Manager will make department level decisions in the absence of the transportation director.  




  • High School Diploma or General Education Degree from an accredited institution
  • One-year certificate from an accredited college or technical school; or three years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Possession of Texas Association of Pupil Transportation Professional Certification Program courses
  • Texas Association of Pupil Transportation Professional Certification Program certification (Preferred)
  • Sixty (60) hours of college credit (Preferred)
  • Valid Texas Commercial Driver’s License (Class B) with School Bus & Passenger endorsement
  • Meet TEA and TDPS certification requirements for school bus drivers
  • Possess Bus Driver Train the Trainer Course (Preferred)
  • Pass Bus Driver physical and exam for physical and emotional stability
  • Clean record regarding alcohol and drug use
  • Acceptable driving record as verified by Texas Department of Public Safety annually


Special Knowledge/Skills:

  • Skilled in instructional abilities and capable of communicating ideas to small and large groups
  • Proficient in general office equipment including but not limited to computer and copier
  • Ability to multi-task numerous complex transportation related activities  
  • Ability to prioritize workflow to address the multiple needs of the supervisor or the department
  • Effective organizational, communication and interpersonal skills



  • Five (5) years’ experience as a bus driver
  • Three (3) years’ experience as a mechanic
  • Two (2) years’ supervisory experience (Preferred)
  • Previous experience working with school transportation (Preferred)



Major Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Design, maintain, and implement all training and safety programs for all transportation staff.
  2. Provide specific formal, informal, and hands on bus driver, bus aide and mechanic training.
  3. Develop training lesson plans, improvement plans and safety measures to ensure exemplary and safe operation of the transportation department.
  4. Assist in the supervisory responsibilities as designated by the Transportation Director.
  5. Assist in developing and maintaining the most economical and efficient legal bus route that will provide timely and safe transportation of students.
  6. Assists the transportation dispatcher; plans bus routes and distributes routing information.
  7. Conducts safety investigation of school bus accidents and student safety violations.
  8. Assigns and schedules lead, regular, part-time drivers and bus aides as needed.
  9. Conducts safety operational inspection and maintenance checks for all buses.
  10. Manage student management concerns and effectively instruct proper student guidance techniques to employees.
  11. Review student behavior reports and conduct conferences with drivers on disciplinary issues.
  12. Transmit student discipline referrals from assigned drivers to school principals.  
  13. To assist in overseeing the safety and efficiency of all bus routes and extra-curricular travel.
  14. Evaluates campus and corner bus stop loading and unloading areas to ensure a safe departure/arrival.
  15. Serves as substitute driver or bus aide when needed to meet all requirements.
  16. Assists with coordinating and scheduling all summer school routes.
  17. Maintain records of assigned bus routes.
  18. Notifies drivers, parents, and school personnel of any changes in a student’s bus service, student management incidents or school bus accidents.
  19. Maintain a positive rapport with parents and community by handling problems or concerns in a prompt and professional manner.
  20. Communicate with students, parents, staff and community about their complaints with drivers, buses, routes, and safety.
  21. Work irregular hours as needed.
  22. Assists with gathering of information needed for completion of all State Transportation Reports
  23. Assists with creating, maintaining, uploading TEA state reports.
  24. Maintains physical and computerized files on all transportation matters and concerns, including bus incident reports and trip forms.
  25. Perform other duties as assigned – as directed and in the best interest of the district.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for the professional growth of lead bus drivers, regular bus drivers, part-time bus drivers, bus aides, lead mechanics, and regular mechanics.
  2. Collaborate and assist drivers regarding problems or concerns they may be having with parents, students, teachers, and co-workers.
  3. Monitor and evaluate the work assigned to all drivers, bus aides and mechanics and provide input to the Transportation Director regarding placement, re-assignment, retention, discipline, and dismissal.


Equipment Used:

Personal computer, printer, fax machine, copier, and calculator, all types of school buses, bus washing equipment, fueling equipment, safety equipment (flares, reflective signs), fire extinguisher, wheelchair lift/ramp, special needs adaptive equipment, communication equipment, bus seat repair equipment. 

Working Conditions:

The working conditions described here are only a representation of essential job functions which an employee should expect to encounter.


Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Demands:

Maintain emotional control under stress. Ability to make critical decisions in pressure situations. Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Fast paced stressful environment. Prolonged driving, sitting, continual reaching, and repetitive hand and are motions. Moderate walking and occasional lifting, heavy, 45 pounds or more. Work inside and outside; exposure to internal/external temperatures, vehicle and fuel fumes. Occasional exposure to biological hazards. Ability to drive a school bus. Prolonged use of computer. Exposure to all types weather elements. Early and/or late shift work.



Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary Range21.28/hourly - 25.03/hourly / AUX

Applications Accepted

Start Date02/14/2020
End Date02/27/2020